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Welcome to NBCPMS

North Bengal College of Paramedical Science

Paramedical courses are profession-oriented medical training courses that enable students to develop a career in the medical industry in a short amount of time and at a low cost.

Our Courses

Offering 2 Years Diploma in paramedical courses

Diploma in critical care technician

Diploma in Emergency technician

Diploma in medical laboratory technician

Diploma in critical care technician

Diploma in clinical neuro physio tech

Diploma in Cathlab technician

Diploma in Oncology technician

Diploma in Dialysis technician

Community medical service & essential drugs (CMS & ED)

Diploma in physiotherapy

Diploma in health hospital management

Diploma in MRI technician

Diploma in CT technician

Diploma in X-RAY technicial

Diploma in medical record technology

Diploma in Dental Hygiene

Diploma in Dialysis technician

Multipurpose health worker

Our Mission

North Bengal College of paramedical science is to prepare students to contribute a better society and diverse workforce as productive ,Responsible and engaged citizen and as well-educated health care professional


NBCPMS aims to provide trained, qualified, technical personal in the field of Health Sector to support the medical profession.

To support rural and remote area people with affordable allied health education

To provide effective representation, promotion and communication

To provide leadership on Directorates of Health Service

To strengthen the delivery with qualified candidates

To promote and Allied Health care I workface


Placement Opportunities : Plentiful opportunities exist for qualified Paramedical staff in various fields.

Government organizations e.g. National Health programmers.

In state and Centers Directorates of Health Service.

Government/ Private Hospitals and Health agencies

Medical/ Paramedical colleges/Institutes

Diagnostic Laboratories.

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About Us

The objective of the North Bengal College of paramedical science is to ensure that educational opportunities for all in Primary Health Care

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